How to Combat Clutter

Posted on 5th November 2014 by

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Despite our best intentions to organise our homes, clutter always seems to find a way in. Whether this is down to busy family life, or wanting to keep hold of treasured items, there never seems to be enough space.
Many homes that we renovate have a boxed in staircase, which can mean a lot of wasted space. In fact, the average staircase is hiding as much as five square meters of space, plenty of room for coats, shoes, even household appliances.


Our bespoke storage range can convert this hidden space into valuable storage ideas, without sacrificing a single square inch of floor space. It is designed around your lifestyle, and can be adapted to suit specific needs. Through the use of integrated cupboard space, runner rail drawers or luxury open units, StairStore enables you to unlock the potential of otherwise unused space, whether you need a home for essential household items, or just a place to hide your clutter.



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