How to Brighten up a Hallway

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More often than not the hallway is the darkest room in the home. This is down to the narrow space and lack of natural light, so making the most of the light you do have is essential. Instead of treating your hallway as wasted space, take the opportunity to make your hallway a decorative feature, transitioning from one storey of your home to the next in style. Colour and lighting are crucial in confined spaces. Choose a fresh, light colour scheme for the décor, and then let natural light from upper floors flood through the hallway by choosing a glass balustrade for your staircase. This will update the room and give the impression of open, contemporary space.


All opportunities for natural light should be considered. This could mean installing skylights, or looking to cut out an alcove into a well-lit room to provide extra lighting. If a heavy brick wall is closing off your staircase and making it feel confined, follow the example of Mr & Mrs Evans, who replaced their walled in balustrade with a classic wooden spindle design. This was a cost effective alternative to major structural work and gave the couple the natural light they wanted in their hallway.

If natural light just isn’t possible, alcove lighting or floor spot lighting are other options for additional light. For a modern option you can transform your staircase into a lighting feature, drawing attention in while simultaneously providing warmth and depth to the space. Our Illuminate range features LED lighting that can be fitted underneath treads or along the string section to create the effect you desire. Alternatively choose strip lighting underneath perfectly clear glass panels, ideal for giving the illusion of space and achieving that welcoming feel.

Lava Oak Staircase
Fresh flowers will brighten the entrance to your home, or you could hand feature artwork at the end of the walkway to create a visual focal point. Finish your transformation with a feature mirror hung opposite an open doorway to reflect the light and your hallway makeover is complete.

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