Will you choose to improve your home by renovating or move house altogether?

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Compare the pros and cons of home renovations and moving house to determine the best option for you.

Every homeowner has to face the difficult decision of whether or not to move house at some stage in their life. Typically prompted by an important milestone such as getting married, welcoming in a new family member and wanting a change of pace, the idea is one that is often dreaded as moving home can be exhaustingly long and stressful.

What’s more, this year has seen a boom in the value of our homes. House prices in London have risen by 20% – where the average house is valued at £500,000 – while the UK has seen an 11.7% rise overall. As a result, many of those wanting to buy a new home are financially unable to pack up and move and are instead choosing the alternative of improving their current abode.

If you are determining whether it would be best to improve or move, our infographic weighs up the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We have also looked into the top reasons for moving and improving as well as the costs and steps involved in each process.

So whether you are unsure whether to add extra space to a home you are outgrowing, or move to a new property altogether, you can use our comparison to discover which route is best for you.

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