Clever ways to utilise space in your home

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If you’re starting the year with an urge to declutter you’re certainly not alone. Some choose to diet, exercise, give something up or take up a new hobby. While many of us just want to make some space! Luckily this doesn’t have to mean going to the lengths of extending your property or even moving to a larger space, as there are so many clever little ways to utilise existing space in your home.

  1. Stair storage

Now, we’re not talking about just haphazardly throwing your belongings under the stairs. Well planned under stair storage can actually form part of the design of your home to create something that’s not only practical but beautiful too. With the use of innovative storage options, such as shoe racks, coat rails, shelving and display options, StairStore lets you maximise the potential of otherwise unused space.

James Grace Utilise Space

  1. Open kitchen storage

You might have a shortage of cupboards or insufficient workspace, let’s face it, most of us could do with a bit more storage space in the kitchen. By adding shelves or hooks to your kitchen walls you can create something that not only utilises all the nooks and crannies around your kitchen units, but creates a visually pleasing solution that draws the eye upward.

James Grace Utilise Space2

  1. Wall mounted storage

This one is especially great for anyone with a hobby that takes up a lot of space, or perhaps a handbag collection that can no longer be contained. You can use hooks, magnets, or more heavy duty mounts depending on what you are looking to store. The possibilities are endless!

James Grace Utilise Space3

  1. Ladder storage

Ladder storage is a versatile and modern storage solution that can be used in any room, whether it’s for storing towels in the bathroom or for displaying your books and records in the living room. Depending on the look you are going for you can even repurpose an old ladder for this – and it requires no construction work!

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  1. Mezzanine

James Grace Utilise Space5

There is of course the option to add another floor to an existing room with a mezzanine. Perfect for not only utilising extra space but for giving the room a fresh new look. You can even incorporate the added benefit of a StairStore, for maximum storage opportunities!

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