Interior Design Trends Part 2: Ask the experts!

Posted on 25th February 2016 by

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For the second installment of our Design Trends series we moved on from past favourites, and on to future predictions.

Are there any particular home accessories or additions that you expect to see cropping up more in 2016?

Sian Astley

sian astley

Sian is a Manchester based property renovator, interior designer, heritage baths campaigner, self builder, tv presenter and residential landlord.  Sian made her name re-designing and re-building homes having started off in 1996 with £1 and a heap of enthusiasm, and has since built up an impressive property portfolio, which you can follow on her blog ‘Moregeous’.


On the big ticket front, I’m expecting to see purchases like wood burning stoves, heavily patterned feature floors and personalised kitchens become more widespread as homeowners put down roots for longer periods of time and want their interiors to reflect their personalities.

The trend for warm metals will gather momentum especially in bathrooms and kitchens, with more affordable options available for things like taps and handles. Luxurious textured materials will start filtering down to the high street, along with big bold patterns and lots of monochrome. The industrial vibe will soften as it translates from commercial to residential, and a much less minimalistic sense is creeping in. People will hopefully become braver in their choices of unusual combinations of materials and textures.

Kia Stanford

kia stanford

Kia is a London based luxury interior designer who specialises in creating stunning, personalised residential interiors. Kia’s award winning interior design company, Kia Designs works with clients from the initial inspiration stage, taking them right through to a completely finished home. Find out more about Kia’s work here.



Quooker taps are likely to become standard. 2016 will see more streamlined, minimalist and decluttered kitchens. We’ve already seen a big rise in built-in appliances and fewer and fewer stand alones, and we see this continuing.

Martyn White

martyn white
Martyn is an interior designer and artist based in London. An avid lover of all things opulent, Martyn has experience and understanding in all aspects of the luxury sector. With an academic background in interior design and a desire to inspire, his blog has become a platform for interior inspiration.



I think that 2016 is going to be the year that “handmade” rules the roost. It seemed to have touched the surface last year with handmade crockery sets and vases but people are acknowledging and appreciating personal hand made designs. When I am out and about, I am hearing many more people asking if the glass has been mouth blown, if the rug has been hand woven which is refreshing to hear.

Detailed fabrics and prints also appear to be making a comeback. Last year was quite focused on geometric prints and simple fabrics, this year seems to have a wider focus on nature and softer shapes.

Look out for Part 3 of our Design Trends series next week! For more inspiration check out the rest of our blog here.

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