Romantic staircase settings in film

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With Valentine’s Day looming, we got to thinking about our favourite romantic films. More specifically, our favourite moments in romantic films that took place on staircases. After all, we’ve seen some of the greatest entrances happen on staircases on the big screen, so why not romances too?


Not only did a staircase feature on the film poster for Clueless, it was also the setting for that long awaited moment between Cher and Josh.

romantic staircase 1

Bridget Jones

It was on this staircase that Mark Darcy wooed Bridget with the words “I like you very much, just as you are”.

romantic staircase 2


We couldn’t help but swoon the moment that Rose appeared before Jack on the staircase in all of her beauty.

romantic staircase 3

Pretty Woman

Richard Gere proving that even a rusty old fire escape can be romantic. Because we all love a happy ending!

romantic staircase 4

Gone with the Wind

The controversial moment Rhett scoops up Scarlett and carries her kicking and screaming up the wooden staircase.

romantic staircase 5

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Men offering hearts and diamonds fall at Marilyn’s feet as she performs ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ on the red staircase of a nightclub stage.

romantic staircase 6

Beauty and the Beast

A classic Disney moment as Belle descends the grand staircase ready for her date with the Beast, serenaded by Mrs. Potts the teapot.

romantic staircase 7

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