Advice and tips on caring for your glass staircase

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caring for glass staircase

Glass staircases are like no other when it comes to making a statement in the home. They are truly versatile, complimented by both wood and metal to create a timeless feature. We love to see a home transformed with a glass staircase, and it’s certainly one of the products we receive the most questions about, so we answered some of the most popular.

Can I have a glass staircase if I have small children?

A glass staircase is absolutely still an option, no matter how many sticky fingers you have to contend with. Of course with any staircase there will be essential maintenance involved, with glass in particular you will notice marks quicker, but they can be corrected just as soon as they are made. Keep a cotton cloth and some glass cleaner to hand so you can buff away the fingerprints as they appear, rather than doing a deep clean every day. Chances are you’ll notice the ‘problem spots’ after a while and know exactly where to look for those marks.

How should I go about maintaining my glass staircase?

It can be tempting to go overboard when it comes to glass maintenance, but our advice to our customers is just to keep it simple. A cotton cloth and some good quality glass cleaner will do the job just fine. There are however some things to avoid. Stay away from any paper based materials when wiping the surface clean, and take off any rings or bracelets that could potentially scratch the glass in the process. Whether your glass staircase has wood or metal handrails, a damp cloth with a mild soap solution is enough to wipe them clean and leave them looking as good as new. Particularly with wood, it is important to stay away from harsh chemicals and abrasives.

How strong is a glass staircase?

All of our glass balustrades are made with toughened glass.  This is required for safety reasons and is a legal requirement.  In fact for your enhanced safety we fit thicker glass (over 50% thicker) than the minimum recommended by the British standard.  The glass materials used in all our staircases meet or exceed the accepted glass industry specifications, standards and tolerances. So to answer the original question, they are pretty tough!

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