Interior Design Trends Part 4: Ask the experts!

Posted on 2nd March 2016 by

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It’s part four of our trends series and this time we’re asking the experts to pick a side in the ongoing battle between contemporary and classic themed interiors.

Do you prefer a more contemporary or a classic theme when it comes to interiors?

Sian Astley

sian astley

Sian is a Manchester based property renovator, interior designer, heritage baths campaigner, self builder, tv presenter and residential landlord.  Sian made her name re-designing and re-building homes having started off in 1996 with £1 and a heap of enthusiasm, and has since built up an impressive property portfolio, which you can follow on her blog ‘Moregeous’.


Definitely classic, but with a modern twist. I live in an Edwardian villa onto which we’ve just built a large extension which has huge bi-fold doors set in reclaimed brick walls with a salvaged fishtail slate roof – that mixture of old and new rocks my world. I’m incorporating new methods and materials, restoring the irreplaceable and mixing up cutting edge design with antique and salvaged finds. A kind of moregeous mash-up, respecting the past whilst still embracing the future, that’s my style of design.

Kia Stanford

kia stanford

Kia is a London based luxury interior designer who specialises in creating stunning, personalised residential interiors. Kia’s award winning interior design company, Kia Designs works with clients from the initial inspiration stage, taking them right through to a completely finished home. Find out more about Kia’s work here.



Generally we lean towards contemporary but it is usually dictated by the property and the client. We like to implant designs that will be able to grow with clients, so they can always buy new items and update the design. So we’d probably class our theme as evolutionary.

Martyn White

martyn white
Martyn is an interior designer and artist based in London. An avid lover of all things opulent, Martyn has experience and understanding in all aspects of the luxury sector. With an academic background in interior design and a desire to inspire, his blog has become a platform for interior inspiration.



That is a very difficult question! I feel that as I gain more experience, discover new designers and explore the world of design that I have such a growing love for classic themes. They have stood the test of time, have inspired many of us and will continue to do so for as long as we design. I feel that my own designs are quite contemporary and so is my general style, however I always love to mix the two together so I must say that I love both!

Look out for the fifth and final installment of our Design Trends series next week! Or if you just can’t wait, then check out the rest of our blog here.

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