Unique staircase lighting ideas in the home

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Lighting can set the tone of any room, from subtle and contemporary pendant lighting to glamorous and glistening chandeliers. What most people don’t know is that lighting can also be used to transform your staircase.

We took a look at some of the most inspiring and intriguing staircase lighting designs around at the moment.

Multi-coloured staircase lights

Although it’s something you’d probably expect to see in a nightclub, those looking for a slightly louder statement in their home might go for a multi-coloured light effect.

Staircase Lighting James Grace

Fairy lights

This is a popular one throughout the festive season, however you might see fairy lights as part of a wedding or even to add a little elegance to the home. Wrapping fairy lights around the balustrades could give you that subtle sparkle you’ve always wanted.

Staircase Lighting James Grace2

Blue LED lighting

Another bold statement, LED lighting is like no other when it comes to transforming a staircase in to a cool and quirky contemporary feature.

Staircase Lighting James Grace3

Contemporary and classic lighting

When it comes to staircase lighting, you certainly don’t have to go bold or go home. There are so many warm and understated options to add a touch of elegance to your home.

Staircase Lighting James Grace4

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